South Shore and Confederation Bridge

Approximately 4 hours

Along the Northumberland Strait side of the Island we will start our Tour at Victoria Park. First you will see the Lt Govenor's mansion on your right and our first stop will be beside the cannons that guard the entrance to Charlottetown at Port-la-Joye-Fort Amherst National Historic Site which was remodelled in 2006.

We will then take a scenic drive to Victoria-by-the-Sea which is about 30 minutes from Charlottetown, about halfway to the Confederation Bridge along Highway 1. The town's history is rich in shipbuilding. At the time of the Confederation, Victoria-by-the-Sea was one of the Islands busiest ports. As the age of wooden sailing ships ended, Victoria became the point of departure for cattle herds, though now this quiet village seems almost untouched by modern development and a stroll along the tree-lined streets will reveal craft shops, galleries, cafes, a theatre, a chocolate factory and an abundance of wonderful Heritage homes.

At the Visitor Information centre in Gateway Village located at the foot of the Confederation Bridge, the Our Island Home exhibit is an imaginative introduction to our industries, arts and culture. Gateway Village also contains a selection of more than 20 shops, restaurants and snack bars. If you have ever wondered what you would look with red braids, like Anne of Green Gables, this is the place to find out by trying on some hat-wigs at gift shops!

To get the first-rate view of the Confederation Bridge from the shore, we drive up to the St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in North Carleton and get a wonderful shot of one of the world's longest bridges. Keep you eyes peeled for local horseman jogging their standard-breds as they get ready for the races.