Charlottetown History Tour

Approximately 2 hours

1834 Fanningbank, also known as Government House has been the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor since it was built.

1843 Province House - National Historic Site of Canada Canada. In 1864 The Fathers of Confederation met here to discuss the union of the colonies that would ultimately lead to the formation of Canada on July 1st, 1867.

1872 Legislation was passed and construction of the railway that would connect one tip of the island to the other.

1877 Beaconsfield, near Victoria Park, was built for a prominent shipbuilder, James Peake Jr. The property now serves as the headquarters for the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation.

1913 St Dunstan's Basilica is the fourth Roman Catholic church to occupy this site since 1816. In 1913, fire destroyed the church and the Basilica was built during the First World War.

1964 The Confederation Centre of the Arts was built as a National Memorial to the fathers of Confederation.

1993 Great George Street is designated as a National Historic District.

2001 Founders Hall's, Canada's Birthplace Pavilion, celebrates its grand opening. The 1906 building was originally the CN railway car repair shop, now it houses Founders Hall heritage attraction.